About our Founder

I started my marketing career in luxury travel before taking the plunge into self employment 15 years ago.

Working in the leisure and hospitality trades, I continued to be approached by businesses, so did plenty of marketing consultancy in tandem with running my own businesses with my partner.

I have always worked specifically on the strategy behind the marketing plan, avoiding a ‘scattergun’ approach and growing the customer base organically.

I worked with many small businesses over the years and found that they lacked funds for a marketing department, but equally were so busy actually building and running their businesses, they found they could not dedicate the time to market their businesses properly.

I felt there was a real need for a marketing agency that would take a bespoke approach and the time to understand their clients and the way their business works.

Here, we believe passionately that there is no quick-fix in marketing. It should be tailored for each business and their unique challenges. For small – medium sized businesses, it is crucial the owners/founders or managers are involved in and understand the how and why of their businesses and their marketing. We want customers to get involved and know the reasons why we recommend a particular approach. We want you to see us as a partner – not a supplier.

Gemma Finch
Founder, Burford Creative