What is PR and how can it help my business?

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Lets talk about PR

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about PR.  Public Relations, Good Publicity, whatever you like to call it, it is important to all businesses.

One of my favourite sayings in this industry is, ‘Advertising is what you pay for, PR is what you pray for’.  In fact, I was discussing this very phrase in a recent BNI group meeting. Never was a truer word spoken!  The truth is, all businesses need to engage in PR work. They just very often don’t know what it is, or how to do it.

What is PR?

PR is simply the process of finding all the amazing stories your business has to tell, and then putting them in front of the right people. They should be told in your way – no one else’s.  It is always part of a long-term strategy, which involves building relationships, and also thinking about how you can help other people.

A great way to start using PR for your company is to make a list of all the people your business has any kind of contact with.  You can then start to think about how to best tell your story to those people.   The approach will be different for many.  

Using your contacts

For a supplier, you may bring them along on your journey. Tell the story of how they contributed to a product or service.  

For a staff member (yes – PR applies internally too), you may tell your story by making it part of the company ethos.

There are of course, many ways to connect to your customer. Getting free editorial and features as a result of your PR campaign, is by far the most valuable form of exposure. It is genuine and people know you have not paid for it.   They key to obtaining this kind of coverage is always providing genuinely fantastic content.  All journalists and editors are committed to providing great content for their readers, therefore, if you have a good story to tell, it is important to get it out there.

Tell your story

So how do we define a good story?  We want to be triggering emotions and solving problems.  The Covid pandemic has provided ample opportunity for companies to share their journey.   Demonstrating how they have fought back against restrictions or challenges is something that everyone wants to hear about it.  Don’t leave these stories unheard. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your PR strategy, please get in touch